Amazing Glass

In 2013, I found out that when water bottles are left in heat chemicals can leach out into the water. I was so stunned by this information that I decided to find out more. The more I read the more concerned I became. So I took action! I tossed out all my plastic containers and went shopping for glass containers.

When plastic is heated the chemicals leaches in our foods, then into our bodies. The chemicals are known as endocrine disrupters. This can totally throw off our hormones. If you don’t know the role of the endocrine system you should look on my page or Google it.

I became drained. I was driving myself crazy and spending a lot of money trying to get glass water bottles, oils, hygiene products and seasonings in glass bottles only. I realized that I can only do so much and that it’s impossible to avoid plastic.

I still desire to store everything in glass. If you are trying to make small changes for yourself and family I encourage you to look into how dangerous plastic is. Do not drive yourself crazy like I did. This journey is a process! You can start by tossing out your plastic containers and purchasing glass containers. You can also chose plastic containers and water bottles that is BPA free!

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