How I clean my produce!

Just thought of bugs feasting on my fruits and vegetables makes me sick! Yuck! Not to mention the heavily coated waxes and pesticides sprayed on my favorite fruit and vegetables. I don't about you guys, but rinsing my produce off with water just ain't goo enough! Okay, so for the longest my cleaning solution consisted of baking soda, white distilled vinegar and warm water! After soaking my veggies and fruit in this solution, I would gently scrub and rinse off the produce. I felt quite secure when eating my produce using this cleaning solution! But ya'll! I discovered something even better! So I always keep Dr. Bonners pure castile liquid soap handy. The Hemp Peppermint is my favorite! I use it for so many things around the house. I keep a bottle in my kitchen, bathroom and in my "Me Time" room. One day, I decided to clean my cucumbers with it because they felt so extra waxy! Ya'll! I learned what squeaky clean meant that day! I decided to clean the rest of my produce with. All you have to do add a squirt to some water, let it soak, scrub just a little bit and rinse it. Be sure when you're scrubbing to be careful. Scrubbing may remove some of the health benefits from the peels of your produce. I encourage you all to try Dr. Bonners pure castile liquid soap to remove those pesticides, nasty chemicals and waxes from your fruit and veggies! Let me know how it works for you all! Much love!

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