Plant based vs. Vegan

It's been over a year since I've become vegan and I have learned alot. I can't say that I've stayed 100% away from all animal product because I still struggle with chocolate. However, I absolutely consumed no meat, eggs, cheese, butter, milk (except in chocolate) or fish! Some days can be a challenge with finding what to eat. Especially when you're craving foods like fried chicken, burgers, fried fish with hot sauce (Southern girl) and pizza! These foods aren't hard to find in grocery stores, but I am not fond of them! Not because of the taste, but because it's processed, filled with soy and hydrogenated oils- Something I try my best to avoid! Before this lifestyle change I was never one to have a freezer and pantry filled with processed foods because they're filled with harmful ingredients that can destroy your health. Soy is something that I want to be completely free of because it messes with my hormones and it causes me to break out typically on my jawline. Far as hydrogenated oils... well that will take another blog! I must admit that I havent been making time for my health and I am beginning to feel it. I know that it's a result from eating VEGAN junkfood and processed "mock" food! Since Sunday, I've made time to go to the gym, eat more fruit, vegetables & nuts! My body responded so well, let's just say alot was released 😬 My spirit is leading me to do a fullbody detox-WHOLISTically! Once, I succeed I vow to chose plantbase over "Vegan". Along with staying away from gluten, hydrogenated, oils and soy like I did before! So if you're thinking about becoming Vegan, take this into consideration.

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