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Choosing Faith over Fear

I always say to people: It's amazing what happens when you let go of fear. Have you ever asked God to use you? Have you ever told God to guide you? Did you actually follow him? Or did you allow fear to hold you back because you where unfamiliar with where he was leading you to? We are all afraid of getting lost! Everyone is afraid to walk when they can't see where they're going, ESPECIALLY when you are on a road you dont know. That's when FAITH kicks in!  When we ask God to guide us and we DON'T follow him, it shows that we trust in ourselves more than him. It means that we operate in fear. I...

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Food is Medicine

Science has proven that this statement is true! There are so many people who have the gym life down pack. I mean, they go to the gym faithfully and get it in, but when their workout is over they head to the nearest fastfood place for a post workout meal. I've worked with many people who thought the only way to maintain or build muscle was to eat whatever they wanted just as long as they worked out! This goes for my people who are bulking too. Bulking doesn't mean eat all you want, you have to know what to eat! For my slim ladies, you can't eat what you want either in attempt to gain weight. I've had the...

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