Immune Boosting Gummies

Immune Boosting Gummies

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PLEASE READ! Gummies are made with organic elderberries, mullein leaf, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom and local honey. It includes 60 gummies that must be refrigerated. Adults should take 4 gummies a day and children should take 2 gummies a day for preventative care. Elderberry syrup is recommended for those who have severe issues. Gummies are made fresh to order. Please text to make arrangements to pick up 6628630786 Gummies can not be shipped. Syrup can be shipped. Please keep refrigerated at all times. Gummies have no preservatives or unnatural ingredients. If they are not refrigerated mold will occur! Gummies must be consumed 60 days from the day they where made. It is very important that you pick up the day you scheduled. Not picking up the day you scheduled will shorten the shelf life of your gummies. Once gummies are made there are absolutely no discounts, exchanges or refunds. If you don’t pick up you can not receive a refund or exchange under any circumstances. 

4 gummies is equivalent to 1 tbsp

2 gummies is equivalent to 1 tsp


Please make sure Sincerely Nature is your last stop. If gummies are left in heat they will melt. Please keep refrigerated at all times because gummies are made with fresh ingredients and contains no preservatives. Gummies must be consumed 60 days after they are made. The date they where made will be on the gummies. You are responsible for keeping up with expiration date.