Maca Root Capsules
Maca Root Capsules
Maca Root Capsules

Maca Root Capsules

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Powdered Yellow Maca Root Powder in 50 Vegan Capsules

Maca Root assists with: Increasing Libido, Reducing Erectile dysfunction, boosting energy, boosting endurance, and fertility, improving mood, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress & anxiety,  reducing sun damage, fighting free radicals, reducing menopause symptoms, and improving memory.  


Take 2 capsules (1500 mg) per day


Not recommended for pregnant women

Want to pick up? Text 6628630786 to place your order. 

Customer Reviews

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Tamearle Singleton
Can’t review

I can’t review something I never received. Not sure what happened but it kept saying sent back to sender. I tried to support a small business but got burned. Very sad

Greetings! It’s a shame that you didn’t receive your capsules. All orders are insured. You can request a refund by filing a claim through USPS. We actually looked into your order and it says delivered. All of your tracking information is sent to you via email. If you need assistance filing a claim don’t hesitate to ask.

IMPORTANT EDIT: According to the email you sent us, you moved the week USPS delivered your order. Have you checked your previous residence to see if it is there. According to USPS it was delivered to the address you put on file when you made your purchase. It was

YOUR EMAIL TO US: Yes I’m not sure why it couldn’t be delivered because I receive a lot all week. If it comes back to you will you resend it? I don’t want a refund. I actually want the product. Here is the address it’s supposed to be sent to.
But I moved this weekend so if it comes back will you send to new address? It’s a home so it won’t be a problem.

It was definitely sent to your previous address but now you are at another location.

Alxavier Butts

Actually have been enjoying the product and it has been very helpful.

Serenity sorey
A difference

I notice a difference with my body. I love them, I make it in routine to take it and my vitamins daily.

MsLove LaSarah
Max’s Root is What I needed

I am so in love with these capsules. Easy to take, natural and amazing. So happy with my purchase.