A Few Things I did to Conceive Naturally

I am an herbalist, I use nutrition as medicine and I am a holistic health coach. I have helped many people come off medication and become healthier.

Changing to a plantbased lifestyle and avoiding gluten has helped heal my gut issues. Also incorporating herbs and spices such as dandelion, ginger, milk thistle and turmeric in my diet to assist liver health.

I also yoni steamed 2 times a month. I took chasteberry/vitex orally and I eliminated store bought cleaning products and hygiene products. I actually started making my own products.

I lost over 40 pounds. I only went to the gym 2 or 3 times a week and spent alot of time in nature. Im certain my weight loss came from the way I eat.

A month before I conceived I was on a 28 day detox by Dr.Bobby J Price who is the author of Vegucation over Medication. His detox removes old fecal matter, candida, parasites amd more. I also felt like I removed unwanted energy during the detox.

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