Cranberry Truth

Growing up I remember hearing how good cranberry juice is for us. When I became an adult, I remember grocery shopping and buying cranberry juice thinking to myself "I'm making a great decision". I was up for a rude awakening though!
I have learned so much about cranberry juice!
In 2012, I found out that the cranberry juice I grew up drinking was not the cranberry juice that's good for our kidneys & bladder! I had been drinking cranberry cocktail which was loaded with sugar and mixed with other juices such as apple juice!
When I took my first sip of real cranberry juice, I couldn't believe how bitter it was. I knew that this was what my ancestors had to be talking about long before the sugary, fake cranberry juice came into play.
Cranberry juice is bitter. Bitter foods are great for our kidneys and liver. We are use to consuming foods that are either spicy, salty or sweet. I welcome bitter foods in my diet.
Cranberry juice isn't the only thing I found out about. There are others. Orange juice is another one for example, but thats another story. I just imagine, if I would have carried on the habit of drinking and eating things that my family believed to be good for us where would I have been. This is why the holistic community believes that sickness is not inherited. The way we eat and live is. I broke the cycle.

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