Skinsecurities: What Filters Can't Hide

Looking at these pictures makes me want to cry. I was so frustrated about these itchy, annoying, God awful bumps on my jawline! I had no idea why I was breaking out. It's like everytime, I thought it was clearing up the acne will come right back.

I didn't want to take pictures and I didn't want to be seen. I was so upset because I had just transitioned to a "VEGAN" lifestyle. This battle lasted about 6 months Jan- July 2018. My skin is not where it once was, but its getting there. 

You're probably wondering what did I do to make this drastic change with my skin. Well, I studied my lab tests from the doctor and found out that my hormones where completely out of wack. I also took a course about skin mapping and learned that the location of my breakouts where infact hormonal related as well as gut related.
Whenever I'm forced to face hardships, I'm always determined overcome them. I invested so much time and money getting to the root cause of my issue. I began to look at my diet.
I realized that I was a "junkfood vegan" I ate every mock meat out there and I had wine almost every night . I was going potatoe chip and "vegan" processed food crazy! I soon learned that soy was not my friend.

August 16, 2018 which was 2 days after our wedding anniversary I found out I was pregnant!  My doctor had me come in every week to have my HCG levels checked. Every week the levels got lower and lower until they where no longer there. I was no longer pregnant.
I was left so confused. I still have so many questions, but I am healed from that experience. I was determined more than ever to become healthier.

I lost 40 pounds by December of last year. I eliminated processed vegan foods out of my life. My soy intake is very low. Through the guidance of God, I healed myself. Exercising played a huge role as especially eating healthier. I also yoni steamed which helped balance my hormones. I learned how important the role of the liver is as it pertains to hormones. I started incorporating herbs such as milk thistle, dandelion, turmeric and ginger to help my liver. My skin issues improved by changing my entire lifestyle. 

God took me through these things to help people. Peace 💚

Books that helped me: Vegucation over Medication by Dr.Bobby J.Price💚 Woman Code by Alissa Vitti💚 Colon Health by Norman Walker

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  • Sonyata

    So happy you were able to find the cause boo.
    That skin is as pretty as ever now ☺️ Just Glowful. Lol I know that’s not a word but it’s how I see you💛

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