Stay away from the bleach!

Bleach! Let's talk about it. It's what our mama's used, it's what their mama's used. It's what were used to. Heck, we are prideful about bleach! It ain't bleach, unless it's chlorox! And don't be getting the scented chlorox, we want the bleach with the blue cap and original scent! I remember feeling like my house wasn't clean without bleaching it. Ya'll I use to spend my last on household products! I bought all leading brands! I use to get so excited about cleaning up just to use my products. I know somebody got to feel me, LOL!

Yeah, that was then. Over the years I've stopped using several products. It first started with aerosols. You see, I learned how it can trigger asthma. My son developed asthma when he was 4 and I have had many scares. I tried so hard not to look into the effects of other cleaning products. I knew if the aerosols triggered respiratory issues, all the other products had to as well. 

Honestly, I just wanted to live my life! I wanted to light my lil candles, clean with my fabuloso, spray my febreze and clean my dishes with a lil bleach. I mean come on! How is that going to hurt us!? But, it really does. Now if someone would have told me this about years ago I would think they're 'too deep" and "too cautious". It's like the information fell into my lap. I learned so much about the harmful chemicals that are in our every day products. I didn't take too serious. It shook me a bit, but not enough to wake me up.

It's like I kept coming across people who talked to me about chemicals that are in house cleaning products. It's like articles would just fall in my lap, screaming "read me, hello". I didn't realize that what I was learning was subconsciously settling in my mind.  I finally started connecting the dots and my inner green gangsta came out! Population control, New World Order and other agendas started to make sense. 


Many of these products we use contains:
Carcinogens- chemicals that causes cancer
Teratogens- chemicals that cause birth defects
Endocrine disruptors- chemicals that interfere with normal hormone functions
Reproductive Toxicants- chemicals that damge the reproductive organs and damages the development of a fetus or child


My goal is to make people aware of the possibilities. It's crazy that no one can explain where cancer comes from, yet there are studies that has proven that alot of products we use is responsible for it. I don't live in fear, but I don't want to chance it. During this journey I've learned how to make so many natural cleaning solutions and even washing powder. It's not even expensive!

I haven't eliminated all cleaning products, but I have eliminated a lot of them. I have some "natural" washing powder and multipurpose cleaner in the house, which makes my head hurt! I recently told my family that when this batch of cleaning products run out, we will be using my cleaning solutions only. You know, we can't escape every chemical in the world. Some things are out of control, like the water and air. However, we can decide what to clean our homes with. 

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