The Ultimate In Home Spa Session

I don't know about y'all but I love me a good in home spa session! There is nothing wrong with going out to get pampered, but I'm not always in the mood to talk to people. It seems like every time I go out to get a     pedicure, massage or facial the tech   wants to talk when I just want to   close my eyes and think things   out! So for mental peace and self   care I just do things myself. So   hopefully, you all know a bit about   me and can tell that I am truly all   about making my own everythang   honey! I love, love, LOOOVE   making my own natural products! So   let me tell you what you do to have the Ultimate In Home Spa Session! So, set up your space and create your mood and grab you something to hydrate yourself. My preferred choice is infused water. My sessions usually start off in my bathroom. I like to use my essential oil diffuser to uplift my mood. The essential oils I use for creating an invigorating space is sweet orange, grape fruit and lime! The reason I create an uplifting, energizing mood is because I'm actually working. I'm usually doing a facial like my brown sugar-bentonite clay facial scrub followed by an avocado mask.Then I move on to the shower do a full body exfoliating scrub session with Pink Himalayan salt which leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturized! Be sure to take your sips of water! Okay, no you may say I'm being extra, but I take it on to the tub where I bathe in herbs and Apple Cider Vinegar. SO you want to make sure you use the ACV with "Mother". It's basically friendly bacteria that your va-jay-jay may need, LOL! I use herbs like red clover, rosemary, sage and calendula to soak in. Each herb has its own unique benefit for WOMBman health, mental clarity and spiritual cleansing.                                                                                                       Red Clover- Great for reducing flashes, breast pains & PMS Symptoms                       Rosemary- Great for memory & respiratory Issues                                                         Sage- Increases Alertness, Removes Unwanted Energy & Helps to reduce stress       Calendula- Antimicrobial & Great for skin                                                                           So there are 2 ways you can do this. You can   put your herbs in a cheesecloth or just sprinkle   them in your water. I like to do a bit of both.   When I put my herbs in the cheesecloth, I let the   water run through the herbs like a filter. Once       I'm finished running my water I take the ball of herbs that's in my cheesecloth and squeeze it to release more of the herbal goodness and then throw the ball in my water. Don't forget to take your sip of water, sis! Yasss!!! So, next I set up for a yoni steam and pedicure in my "Me Time" room. Now, the reason I don't set these stations up in my bathroom is because I love my "Me Time" room. It is my happy place and where I go to forpeace of mind and inspiration. So, for my herbal foot detox/pedicure use fresh mint, epsom salt and ACV. Lol, Look ACV is life and I have to keep it near by. I just love the refreshing, tingly feeling peppermint gives me. I dont have any specific measurement.   Just experiment with it and if you don't have peppermint   leaves use Dr. Bronners pure castile peppermint & hemp   soap. It is very potent and has an even stronger effect   because oil is extracted from the mint. Honey, sip on your   water, put that phone down, read a book and be in the   moment!. I know you want to post on social media and show   your friends your In Home Spa day, but take pictures after   you live in the moment. So I have this "Self Therapy" book that I bought on Amazon for like $12 bucks. It's basically like a journal with prompts. It has you write what you're thankful for, what's holding you back from reaching your goals, it just helps you make self improvements. So I work on my book while I'm steaming and I have my calming incense going. I purchased my yoni stool on Ebay for $80. They also have one one Etsy for $90 that comes with the herbs. The stool is uncomfortable, I put blankets around it to form a cushion. I wish I would have been more patient and created one myself, but its all good it totally gets the job done. Well, ladies I hope this helps to give you some ideas or inspiration on how make time for your Ultimate In Home Spa Session. Peace!

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  • Lashanda

    Loved, love, love you ideas and insight for personal spa day. This is very well needed… for myself anyway. Thank you for investing in YOURSELF first and being transparent enough to share with us. And it is my prayer that your business takes off end you’re elevated to beyond your wildest dreams.

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