This is a full body detox!

This detox removes candida, parasites, old fecal matter, unwanted energy, fungus and bacteria. Not only does it remove the bad bacteria it restores the GOOD BACTERIA! I purchased this detox back in March.

Before I did this detox, I had a million questions. Why? Because there are so many DETOXES on the market that CLAIMS to do something, but really dont. After reviewing the list of herbs that he combined, I was in harmony with it. Especially the blend to remove parasites. Many herbalists use the same 3 herbs to remove parasites. So I knew it was legit.


There is a very big detox tea on the market that claims to remove parasites but dont because they dont have any herbs such as oregano, black walnut, wormwood, etc to remove parasites. Plus I tried this tea back in the day TWICE and barely released 💩 and NO parasites. 😡

I myself, did the same parasite combination that most herbalists suggest to remove parasites and was successful so I trusted him. I knew this was the detox for me!


Plus, I read his book "Vegucation over Medication" and I just fell in love with his journey. This combination is unique. It is a FULL BODY detox. I'm so impressed.

In the past I would do my own herbal detoxes system by system. SN: it is extremely important to detox your systems in the CORRECT order, otherwise you will release toxins in your blood stream and become really sick. BTW, I've learned since then and have done full body detoxes numerous of times and was successful 🥳*Pat's self on back*


He has a 28 day detox for $125 and a 14 day for $75. Yall, this was one the best investments I have ever made for myself. I truly released unwanted energy. I felt happier, my mental clarity was on point, I lost body fat, I slept better, I let go of grudges, forgave myself and others. This detox is not only physical but mental.

The man who created this detox use to be an pharmacist. Now, he is actually healing people the NATURAL way. You can find him on IG @doctorholistic

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