Vision board visions come true

This is my 2019 vision board. So many things that I put on here has come true. The most important thing on here was "Quitting my job". Wow. In February it will be a year. I prepped myself for this entrepreneurship lifestyle. I told myself, some days will be good, some will be slow, I dont have sick time or PTO time so I have to create that myself. I was disciplined and I sacrificed. I was so determined to help people. I worked Monday through Friday and as soon as I got off from work, I grocery shopped and prepped over 90 meals every single weekend! I didnt spend any extra money. I saved and invested in Sincerely Nature. All year I said "Meal Prepping will open doors" and that's finally starting to manifest. I just want to help people heal through Nutrition and Natural Remedies. I'm so passionate about this. I use to ask God "Why am I so into this, why cant I just be like everyone else and pop an advil, or just believe what the doctor say because going that route is so much more easier" but he has revealed to me on many occasions that this is my purpose and calling. Many people dont understand it. People who I expected to support me, dont. And that's okay because I know I'm doing exactly what God wants me to do.

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