What Spirit Are You Of?

Spirit is the force of every living element. It is the essence which is covered and protected by the flesh. Spirit is the energy of the Creator coming forth in many forms. This is from Iyanla Vanzant book "Tapping the Power Within"

In Yoruba culture, "Emi" is the Soul. What guides Emi is energy called "Ori"

Being spiritual to me is being mindful about what I feed my spirit. It means to go out in nature as much as possible to connect with the most high. It means recognizing negative flaws about myself and correcting them.
Being spiritual to me means to spend time alone to hear my inner thoughts. Being spiritual to me means facing my issues and correcting them. Being spiritual to me means to have balance with what I listen to, eat and what I watch.
My spirit houses my energy. When a person steps into my presence I want them to feel comfortable and free. By nature I am a warm hearted person and people can usually lean on me emotionally. Reason being is because I truly spend time alone to rejuvenate from pouring into others.
I do self reflections. When I feel weak, I disconnect and turn to the most high for strength NOT PEOPLE. I do things that makes me happy which attracts my peace!
It's not easy for a person to pull me out of character because my spirit has been fed positive food that gives me life. I am responsible for the spirit I want. What spirit are you of?

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