Why I love my Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

Whoever doesnt love a good body and facial scrub, obviously has never had one! Yall know I am huge on natural products. Prior to my lifestyle I use to love store bought body scrubs so giving them up was super hard. First off, they are filled with all kind of chemicals that causes hormonal, reproductive and respiratory issues. I bet yall are saying "she always saying that!" but its so true. I do not want to have hot flashes that I see my mama and aunt have. Yep, alot of our favorite feminine products are linked to hot flashes!

 Okay so, I was determined to learn how to make my own Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub. Ive been making it since 2015. Pink Himalayan Salt has over 80 minerals! Amazing! I have made it alot of different ways and my newest recipe is my favorite! I literally wish I could give my scrub away to everybody so they can see what they have been missing. I am literally obsessed with how it leaves me=y skin feeling! Since this pregnancy my skin has been going through some changes! Care to know? Back acne, stomach acne and dry patches on my face. My nose use to peel so bad! Like WTF!? But thats all under control now.

I must admit the first few days, the dry skin on my nose would come back the very next which caused me to exfoliate daily. I almost gave up on using it on my face, but I couldnt stand this dry flaky nose. Plus, I know sometimes natural remedies can take time. After exfoliating morning and night for about a week, I no longer had to exfoliate my face daily. Like... OMG! Now I only have to exfoliate once a week. I havent seen any more dry skin on my face.

Now lets talk about exfoliating the body! Anybody elbows get a little rusty? Just me!? Okay, well yes my elbows tend to get a little dry and rusty and when I finish exfoliating, its like my skin is reborn. 

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