Yeast Infection?

The vagina is the perfect place for bacteria to thrive. It is warm, moist and often time sweet. Men don't get too excited, because its about to get raw.
Some bacteria help keep the vagina in its normal range of acidity which is a pH of 4.0 and 5.0. It helps control the growth of fungus, yeast and other organisms. When the pH is out of range, one or more bacteria can grow out of control. This causes irritation and inflammation.

The most common treatments for vaginal infections are antibiotics. The antibiotics may make you feel better, but antibiotics not are known to kill the good bacteria which makes matters worse. The problem may have disappeared, but the problem that created the imbalance is not corrected which may cause another infection.

Common signs of a yeast infection is itching, thick white discharge, irritation and redness. In the holistic community, we focus on reestablishing the vaginal flora, amd restoring the pH. If you believe in the power of nature I will share a natural remedy to heal your infection. It requires dedication and patience, but the results are worth it.

Your diet should consist of no starch or sugar. You can eat fruit, but avoid citrus fruits (lemon is acceptable). Eat meals that are warm like vegetable soups or broths. Cranberry juice is also good to consume at this time. Taking an acidophilus supplement will help to restore pH. Just by eating this way you may feel symptoms ease up.
Yoni Powder Recipe
1 cup fine white clay
1/2 cup of cornstarch
2 tbsp of clove powder
2 tbsp of activated charcoal
1 tbsp of goldenseal ROOT powder
A few drops of tea tree oil

Combine ingredients. Whisk. Poke holes in a mason jar top. Put the powder in mason jar. Place powder on a panty liner. The yoni powder helps to keep yoni dry. Remember to wear COTTON panties.
Raspberry leaf is also good to sip on.

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