You may find this shocking

I am always talking about the importance of using natural products. After suffering hormonal imbalance personally I made it my business to be strict on what I use on my body and in my home. In Westernized teachings they make it seems as if the inside and outside of our body is not connected when it comes to certain things.
Example: "Dont be around people who smoke but inhaling bleach when cleaning wont hurt"
Breathing toxins and chemicals in causes respiratory issues, damages nerves, disrupts the endocrine system and more!

Truth is what we put on our skin is absorbed through out pores into our blood stream and over time if you do not do proper cleanse and detox those toxins can build up. No to mention the build up from the food we eat.
One thing that has helped me during this journey is remembering that if I cant eat it, Im not putting it on my skin. I wont even get into the perfumes, candles and aerosols 

Okay, I might as well! When we burn candles that contains parafin wax, it releases cancer causing agents such as toulene. Try using beeswax candles and candles that has pure essential oils in it. I personally feel like its okay to burn your favorite candle from time to time- just not on the regular. This is why its so important to do a full body detox quarterly! Thats right the right detox helps to eliminate not only waste, but heavy metals and build up of toxins. I know this may surprise you, but its best to know. Please remember to take baby steps towards your health. 

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