Invest in your Health

Don't stress. Never put work before your health. Friends and family first. Money isn't everything. Eat healthy when you can. Trade coffee for herbal tea. Choose Unrefined Butters and Oils over commercial lotion. Use glassware more than plastic. Avoid heating food by microwave. Give cosmetics a break. Drink spring water bottles at the source. Speak affirmations. Listen to positive messages. Stretch really good. Listen to music that will raise your frequency vibration. Meditate. Fast. Relax. Put yourself first. Help someone. Love hard. Protect your energy. Read more positive literature. Diffuse good quality essential oils. Use natural herbs to heal. Study the bible. Fast. Create a vision board. Set goals. Get a massage. Write poetry. Start journaling. Sit in a sauna. Detox often. Deactivate social media. Exfoliate. Unleash strongholds. Think positive. Speak positive. Be positive. Be original. Laugh a lot. Have some wine. Don't try to be perfect. Don't show off. Don't go broke impressing others. Give perfumes up. Try acupuncture. Try acupressure. Visit a chiropractor. Do breathing exercises. Get a colonic. Drink Spring water bottled at the source. Rejuvenate. Have deep conversation. Vibe higher. Listen to Pastor Darby of Destined Ministries. Talk to God. Live to your fullest potential. Try a herbal bath. Learn from your mistakes. Exercise. Take a walk in the park. Embrace nature. Appreciate season change. Explore. Learn something new. Try a DIY project. Read an encyclopedia. Start a business doing something you love. Make people laugh. Try WFPB lifestyle. Be good to your body. #sincerelynature #naturaljourney #benatural #naturalremedies #holistic #raw #nature #love #selflove #takecareofyouent

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