Poop Brew

Poop Brew

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PLEASE READ INFORMATION: Made ready poop brew can not be shipped. Poop brew should not be confused with a full body detox. This herbal brew is sacred so ingredients are not listed. We highly recommend that you get on the scale before and after releasing. Poop Brew is designed to remove old fecal matter. Please drink water to avoid cramping.


Please read info below to learn more about poop brew.  If you are picking up please text 6628630786 to schedule a time for pick up. If allergies is a concern please text and let us know what you are allergic to. Each pack Poop Brew makes two 16oz brews. Poop Brew is a pack of loose leaf herbs. 


DIY Poop Brew Instructions

What you need: 

16oz Mason Jar


Poop Brew Packet

Tea Kettle or pot

Cheesecloth/herbal infuser/strainer (optional)

Instructions: Boil water in tea kettle or pot. Put 2.5 tbsp of herbs in mason jar.

Pour hot water (not boiling hot) in mason jar over herbs. Screw lid on jar.

Let brew steep over night (at least 12 hours) Strain herbs. 

Consume entire jar for best results. 

*Makes two 16oz poop brew