Man Power Capsules
Man Power Capsules

Man Power Capsules

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A powerful herb combination designed for men. Man Power helps with erectile dysfunction, promotes healthy prostate, increases blood circulation, boosts libido, improves endurance, builds muscle mass, burns fat, strengthens bones, stabilizes blood pressure, increases fertility, boosts energy, fights cancer, reduces inflammation & more.

Contains 50 capsules. 


Take 1-2 capsule per day in the morning with food. For long term results follow with a balanced diet. 


Yohimbe Bark, Nettle Root, Saw Palmetto & Black Maca

If you are picking up please text 6628630786 for pick-up instructions. If you have any allergy concerns please text the number. Shipping 2-8 business days.

Please contact your doctor for any medical advice. 

Disclaimer: This product is not to treat or cure any diseases. 




Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joshua Hardie

Awesome I haven’t felt this good since I was teenager.

Rodrick Greer

I haven’t took them yet but will soon

Craig E. West II
Great product and Great Customer Service!

First and foremost I want to thank you sincerely nature for the wonderful product! I personal felt a difference the first day after taking these at the gym. I was not tired and surprising I definitely had some more stamina to keep going. On another note there was a mix up and I was sent the wrong product. I reached out and immediately everything was taken care of and I received the correct Oder in a matter of a couple days. Also, the owner was kind enough to allow me to keep the order sent. So, thank you and I really appreciate your products and your customer service.

Tony Milam
It has the right name. MAN POWER

Guys, this is a great product. It gives you the POWER YOU NEED. I didn’t buy it for that reason, but I was like “whoa” when I felt the difference. Go ahead and get it. Thank me later. All of her products are great!