Wombman Wellness Tea

Wombman Wellness Tea

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Attention: Do not take this tea if you’re pregnant!


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Excellent for women who suffer from PCOS and hormonal imbalance. This combination of herbs helped me manage my condition tremendously! What makes this combination so unique is that it includes herbs that help detoxify the liver. The liver plays a huge role with balancing hormones.

There is so much love and healing energy put into these herbs. I know you will feel a difference. This unique blend of herbs is created for women only and assists with:

🍃Minimizing menstrual cramps
🍃Reduces Bloating
🍃Balances Hormones
🍃Stabilizes Blood Sugar
🍃Promotes Healthy Skin
🍃Strengthen Immune System
🍃Reduces inflammation 
🍃Relaxes the body
🍃Reduces PMS
🍃Detoxifies Liver
🍃Boosts Libido
🍃Helps to dissolve cysts and fibroids
🍃Regulates menstrual cycle
🍃Decreases Vaginal Dryness
🍃Helps with heavy cycles
🍃Reduces Hot flashes
🍃Relieve Endometriosis Pain
🍃Improves Mood
🍃Great for women with PCOS and Endometriosis 

Pour 8-10 oz of water over 2 tablespoons of herbs. The longer you let the herbs steep, the more potent it will be. Once the herbs steep, strain the herbs you can reuse the same herbs for another cup. This blend can be taken anytime of the day. I recommend having a cup everyday for a month and then a few times a week. The taste is bitter. I don’t recommend adding anything to sweeten the tea because we should train our taste buds to handle bitter foods and herbs. 

If you are about to start your cycle drink a cup every day, a few before it starts to avoid heavy cycles, tender breasts and cramping. You can still consume it on your cycle. 

If you are a woman who don’t have any cycles, you will notice that when drinking it regularly, your cycle will regulate. When this happens, you know your hormones are coming into balance. I’m getting excited for you because I know what these herbs have done for me and other women. 

Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor. I can’t promise you healing. You have to believe in yourself. If you believe in the power of herbs then this product is for you. I am simply a vessel who who offers this product based on my knowledge and my personal experience. You have to do the work and you are more than capable. All the tools are inside of you. You got this!

Some women have reported immediate results. But every BODY is different. For best long term stay consistent. 

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